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Welcome to The Capital Component

We are Northern California's premier lending specialists.  Our unique team of financial consultants is here to help you navigate the complexity of SBA Loans, Commercial Real Estate Loans, Business Loans, and other funding products.

An estimated 75% of loan applications are rejected with nothing more than a quick review.  The vast majority of loan applications never make it past the bank officer, much less past the vigorous bank underwriting procedures.  In order for any loan application to have a chance for success, the package needs to provide much more than the basic information requested by the lender. 

A properly prepared presentation clearly highlights the borrower’s strengths while addressing any weaknesses with a solid plan.  Industry information, key personnel, financial projections, and historical analysis all play a role.  And often, what is not presented to the lender is as important as what is presented.  Finally, a clear and concise summary catering to the banks perspective is essential.

With the recent economic downturn, many businesses have had less than stellar results in recent years.  While many institutions shun projection based lending, others are comfortable with professionally prepared and documented projections, and are willing to fund your project based on future performance.

Lending fees and interest rates vary dramatically from one lending option to the next.  A 1% difference in rate equates to an incredible $280,000 increase in interest costs over the life of a typical $2,000,000 loan.  Loan fees can push these costs even higher.  The choice of bank as well as the strength of the lending package will dramatically impact the cost of borrowing over the life of the loan.

The Capital Component team consists of skilled lending consultants with decades of experience in a wide array of industries.  One principal brings the rare insights of a banking industry insider, who has worked as a loan officer for many of the nation’s largest banks.  Another principal brings astute business knowledge pared from the years spent working with Bay Area businesses as a consultant and formerly as a Certified Public Accountant in San Francisco.

Give us a call today and we will provide a no-cost review of your project.  Commercial lending is our passion.  We look forward to working with you!




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SBA 504 Loan Rates
August 2013

5.23%* - Fixed Rate / 20 Year Amortization
4.40%* - Fixed Rate / 10 Year Amortization

* Rates are for the SBA backed portion of the financing. Lenders often quote 504 rates differently but all 504 loans funded in a given month carry identical rates. TCC quotes the rate in effect for the first 5 years, as published by NADCO. This is the rate on which the borrower's initial monthly payments will be based.

The Capital Component
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